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Aspen Modeling Company will give webcam models the opportunity to make more money then you've ever dreamed of!  The possibilities are endless, best of all you have the freedom to work whenever you want!


There are many different ways to make money using our webcam program.  Once you logon to your personal account, you will automatically be directed to your own chat room with TONS of paying customers.  These members are able to tip you $1-$100 dollars, and take you to private shows ($1.99 - $3.99 per/minute per/user).  We also offer the feature for other members to join your private show, this means you can have multiple users all paying per/minute rate. 


Each model will have access to their own admin area, where they can check there detailed pay stats, email members, and read about different promos and contest.  Every month we have contests for our models to earn an extra $250-$500 dollars!  Some of our top models are earning $20,000 per month!

System Requirements for Webcam Models

All of our webcam models have the following requirements to model.


Any PC will work with our web based program
-Easy to use web based login system (no need to download software)



-Must have high speed/broadband internet connection (wired, wireless or satellite)



USB Webcam or Built in Webcam - Selecting a high quality webcam will get you more money in the long run! We recommend all of our models use their first paycheck to buy a quality cam from one of our partners websites. 


Why not spend a hundred bucks on a cam that can make you thousands in the future?

-A USB or built-in Webcam is required.
-Should be high quality cam




Camcorder (Professional Use) - Many of our Premiere models use camcorders instead of webcams.  This can make a HUGE difference in quality! Most camcorders come with remote control’s which gives the model the option to zoom in/out. Camcorders can be expensive, but the difference in quality is definitely worth it to a lot of models.


*If you have a camcorder but do not know how to hook it up to your PC please contract our staff, and they will help you with the setup.

-Camcorder must have “fire-wire” port to plug in to your PC
-Should have a remote control
-May have to install software

If you have any questions or need recommendations on a webcam to buy, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



System Requirements for Webcam Models

All of our WebCam Models would require following system requirement to perform modeling.



-Must have Microsoft Windows Operating System
-Must be able to run newer applications



-Must have high speed/broadband in



Becoming a webcam model with AMC does require some work on your end as well.  This is a REAL model agency with REAL webcam models, so work is required to make money!


Making money as a webcam model involves being somewhat disciplined. Our model agency expects you to treat this like a real job.  This means taking care of yourself, and sticking to some sort of schedule.  We are looking for webcam models that are not only interested in the money, but will also have fun working with our modeling agency.


Is working Web Cam really as easy as it sounds?

Yes!  All you are required to do as a webcam model is to interact with our members.  We have built a Models Manual, to provide you with all the information to become a successful webcam model. 


*We suggest that all models read over the models manual before they start work for the first time.

Privacy concerns


This is a concern for many webcam models that are scared that a friend or family member may find out that they are working as a webcam model.  Our agency has taken many steps to make sure that this will not happen to you.


We offer the option to block COUNTRIES/PROVINCES/CITIES from viewing your account.  This is done by our system filtering out the members from the blocked areas.  For example if you are a webcam model from Toronto and you have family throughout Canada, we can block ALL of Canada for you.


Please remember that any information you send our model agency during the initial setup, will be kept completely confidential within our secure archives.  Our main goal as a model agency is to keep our webcam models happy, and of course rich!

Don't waste time and Get Started!

Job Role

Here at Aspen Modeling Company we want our Webcam models to be able to make as much money possible, and be happy at the same time.  We expect our webcam models to take this job seriously. Our model agency has an excellent reputation with our members which need to uphold. 


Here are some basic rules and guidelines we expect our models to follow:


Always be friendly, and respectful to the members.


(Very rarely do our webcam models ever have any problems with our members, if you do there is the option to kick/ban them from your room). -We require that our webcam models can speak/type Basic English.


Let your clients know when you will be on cam next.  Try to have a basic schedule.

(This is always a good idea; you will be surprised at how many "regular members" you get showing up once you have a schedule).


Address your members by their nicknames, or real names.

(Try and use customer's nicknames when you speak to them, shorten it down to something not so long if it makes it easier to type or remember. Also learn your customers real name right it down if you have too, this will really impress the customer).


Dress appropriate for the job.

(Make sure you are wearing something sexy, and revealing.  Moving around and showing the members your body is also a good thing).


Prepare yourself for what the member wants to do in a "Private Show".

(Most members will ask you what you like to do in a "Private Show" before they purchase one.  Some models will use toys; others will have sexy outfits to dress up in for role-play.  Whatever your niche is, always be prepared).


Make sure your WEBCAM looks good.

You'd need basic system requirements to perform over the cam(The better quality webcam you have, the more money you will make.  Try to provide good lighting so the webcam quality isn't dark).


Do not get discouraged!

(If you are just starting in the webcam business and you find it slow, do not get discouraged!  Our webcam Job is a great Modeling Opportunity to earn high. Our top paid webcam models build their business by keeping their customers happy and coming back for more. It usually takes some time to build a good steady clientele base to earn your maximum profit potential).



Following these simple guidelines will help you become a top paid webcam model!


work from home

get paid
  • webcam models are paid EVERY week!
  • we have a few diferent forms of payment including check and wire!
  • Make money fast and easy!

All webcam models Applying Must Be 18 Years or older and must be able to provide proof such as a valid ID

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